Watch: Arkansas State Sen. Stephanie Flowers Is the Hero We Deserve


March 11, 2019

Arkansas State Sen. Stephanie Flowers has officially become my spirit human after an impassioned speech during a debate over the state’s “stand your ground” law.

Flowers, A Democrat from Pine Bluff and the lone black face on the state’s eight-member committee, wanted more time to debate the merits of “stand your ground law,” which argues that civilians have the rights to use their firearms when they feel threatened because it disproportionately targets people of color.“It doesn’t take much to look on the local news every night and see how many black kids, black boys, black men are being killed with these ‘stand your ground’ defenses that these people raise, then they get off,” she said. “So I take issue with that. I’m the only person here of color, OK? I am a mother, too. And I have a son. And I care as much for my son as y’all care for y’alls. But, my son doesn’t walk the same path as yours do, so this debate deserves more time.”

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