Leaked Chats Reveal White Nationalist Plot To Keep Steve King In Office


March 7, 2019 

White nationalists and other extremists have long praised Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) as their champion and public-facing megaphone ― he’s a white supremacist himself and openly promotes them, so it’s no surprise the congressman is celebrated in those circles.

But newly leaked chat logs linked to a prominent hate group reveal that white nationalists have actively worked to keep King and his racist ideology in office — by donating to his campaign, calling members of Congress to show their support when King stumbles or by attempting to reach the congressman directly.

On Wednesday, an independent media organization called Unicorn Riot released a searchable database containing what the company says are “more than 770,000 messages from chat servers associated with Identity Evropa,” a white nationalist collective designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center that prides itself on its college campus recruiting campaigns.

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