Crazy Wisconsin Candidate Claims Racist Text Messages Were Sent By Imaginary Friend


March 5, 2019

A Wisconsin political candidate who has been involved with numerous restraining orders and accusations of harassment now claims that racist and annoying text messages attributed to her were actually sent by an imaginary pal who she apparently inadvertently added to her Invisible Friends and Fucked-Up Family cell phone plan.

Christina Seaman is running for alderman—essentially a city council seat—in Racine, Wisc. According to the Journal-Times, the retail worker is facing off against Natalia Taft, an assistant biology professor and city employee, so it seems like Christina has a tough job ahead of her. Plus her last name is Seaman, which probably hindered her from doing things like making out in public or playing tough defense on the high school basketball team. No one wants Seaman all over them.

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Category: Government & Elected Officials

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