Say No Mo', Where Is Video?: The Assassination of E.J. Bradford


December 3, 2018

“While, in life, he may not have fit the definition of a “prominent person,” the sudden theft of his earthly existence at the hands of police has now made him infamous. He has become a prominent symbol of protest. A conspicuous cadaver.

He was injured and unexpectedly destroyed. Before his family even had the chance to conjugate his life into past tense, the world was told that he was a current criminal. A formerly active shooter. But dead, just the same.

E.J. Bradford’s character and person were assassinated.

And all that remains in the dark, cavernous, blank spot where E.J. laughed, breathed and kissed his mother on her cheek, are unanswered questions. Why did this happen? How did this happen? Who did it? When will we find the answers to all of these questions? And more importantly...

Are we even asking the right questions? Visit to read the full article. 

Category: Government & Elected Officials

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