Kansas City Chiefs Cut Star NFL Running Back Kareem Hunt After Video Footage Surfaces of Alleged Assault


December 3, 2018

In a move that has rocked the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs have released star running back Kareem Hunt. The decision came after a video surfaced on Friday that showed him in a hotel altercation shoving and kicking a woman.

The incident in question occurred in February and no arrests were made at the time in the immediate aftermath. However, the video didn’t surface until Friday, courtesy of TMZ

In the video, Hunt engages in a verbal altercation with a woman in a hotel hallway while his entourage attempts to defuse the situation. But as the altercation escalates, the NFL star pushes her multiple times—eventually shoving her onto the ground before kicking her as she attempts to get back up.

As a result of this newly-released footage, the Chiefs organization announced on Twitter that the NFL and law enforcement were investigating the issue. Visit www.theroot.com to read the full article. 

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