Democrats are betting Andrew Gillum’s historic candidacy can change the Florida electorate


November 5, 2018 

On Tuesday, there is perhaps no state more important for Democrats to win than Florida.

Democrats need to hold onto every Senate seat they can — and Florida Sen. Bill Nelson is in the fight of his life against Republican Rick Scott. A Democratic governor could have a huge impact on redrawing the state’s congressional maps and pushing forward on Medicaid expansion, and Democrat Andrew Gillum is energizing Florida’s young and minority voters.

The enthusiasm for Gillum is palpable, and some believe it could boost the entire Democratic ticket. 

“He is quite possibly going to increase turnout among Democratic constituencies that traditionally do not turn out,” said Mac Stipanovich, a lobbyist and longtime Republican strategist in Florida. “At the end of the day, it’s the way it’s always going to be, it’s going to come down to turnout.

The math is fundamentally tricky for Democrats. They need to mobilize voters that typically do not turn out to vote in midterms — young voters, black voters, a typically more conservative Latino base, and recently transplanted Puerto Rican voters. Meanwhile, Republicans may also be able to count on the uptick in older white retirees who have moved to the state to vote for their candidates. Visit to read the full article. 

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