Q&A with Jerel McCants: Tampa architect designs affordable housing in Ybor City


October 11, 2018 

Ybor City has something of a split personality. During the day, it's professional -- no surprise to see a suit and tie strolling down the street. But once the sun sets, Ybor turns into a playground. Let's not forget though that people always have called Ybor home, many of them from lower- and middle-income households. As developers eye Ybor as prime real estate for new expansion, current residents may be priced out.

But two Ybor City creatives are teaming up to offer middle-income, affordable housing in the historic district.

Jerel McCants is an architect who moved from Atlanta to Tampa in 2004, and has since helped design affordable housing developments, such as Progress Village in Riverview in south Hillsborough County. Frank Rodriguez is a designer and founder of Mighty Fine Design in Ybor City. The pair are building three homes in Ybor, which they hope to have constructed within the next 12 months. Visit www.83degreesmedia.com to read the full article. 

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