About Us

The Power Broker made its debut in 2005 and quickly became the most-read magazine targeting African Americans in Florida's Tampa Bay region, according to data published by fellow media outlets. It is also the longest-surviving magazine in its class. Why?

GROUNDBREAKING COVERAGE: The PB is the first and only publication to trademark editions such as the Who's Who line up of 2,000 black civic, business and community leaders and our ranking of the Top 50 Black-Owned Businesses in Tampa Bay, along with special releases such as The Voter Guide, which has been supported by 60 sponsoring organizations as non-endorsing, non-partisan election season publications, rich with content on candidates, policies and public investments.

CIRCULATION: The PB is distributed via 100 locations across five counties in Florida's Tampa Bay region (in print) and to 10,000 readers digitally.

GIVING BACK: The PB was created to help "connect, engage and inspire" more people to take part in actions and initiatives that support the advancement of black Americans. We "give back" through financial contributions and in-kind promotions services that have benefitted over 100 community-based organizations since 2005.

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