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Rosalind “roz” Brewer Tapped As New Starbucks COO

September 7, 2017

Starting in October, Brewer will lead the coffee company’s operating businesses across the Americas. Just months after joining the Starbucks board of directors, Rosalind “Roz” Brewer has been appointed as the coffee giant’s new chief operating officer and group president. Her new role takes effect Oct. 2. Kevin Johnson, Starbucks president and CEO, praised Brewer and said that her leadership will be instrumental in building the company. “She has been a trusted strategic counselor to me ever since she joined our board of directors, and I deeply value her insight, business acumen, and leadership expertise. Roz is the right leader to help us realize our greatest of ambitions in this next chapter of our journey,” he said. Click here to learn more.

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Black Democrats “Defect” in St. Pete Elections

September 7, 2017 - 

(Lessons from History & for the Next Two Months)

Several media outlets have highlighted the fact that a significant share of St. Pete’s black voters cast their ballot for Republican Rick Baker (above) in last Tuesday’s mayoral primary. The latest coverage was a Tampa Bay Times piece offering graphics depicting that “Baker, a Republican, actually beat his Democratic opponent in the city’s most Democrat-heavy areas,” i.e., the “most black” areas (Midtown and Childs Park). Kudos to the Times’ analyst for this objective glimpse into the often ignored dynamics of the black vote, especially given the eye-opening reactions it’s raised on both sides of the aisle. Visit for more information.

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NEW: Black & Latino Turnout Broke Records Last Week!

September 7, 2017 - 

It’s confirmed: black voters turned out on August 29th at a higher level than for the past four mayoral primary elections, breaking the record yet again for total vote count and turnout rate. More than 9,300 African Americans voted last week, a whopping 20% increase over the 7,400 African American voters participating in the 2013 primary. 

Last week’s 27.9% turnout showing by black voters was an increase of six points from the 2013 race, which was eight times the turnout hike for white voters in the city, who had less than a one point uptick. Citywide, among all groups, turnout rose by just under 2 points, compared to last time. Visit for more information. 

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Hurricane Irma is one of most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever: What we know

September 6, 2017 - As a Category 5 with sustained winds of 185 miles per hour, Irma now ranks among the most powerful hurricanes (as measured by wind speed) ever recorded. On Wednesday, the fierce storm hit the leeward (i.e. northeastern) Caribbean islands, moving through Barbudaand St. Martin. The New York Times reports widespread damage to property, homes, and infrastructure on these and other islands. Communication to Barbuda, a tiny island with a population of 1,600, has been cut off since the storm began, CNN reports


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2017 Tom Joyner Family Reunion Expo

The FREE Family Expo features star studded performances, celebrity appearences, fitness, games, seminars, shopping with local and national vendors and much, much more! There's Fun for the Whole Family at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion's SUPER-SIZED EXPO! For expo schedule Click Here

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Explosion and Black Smoke Reported at Chemical Plant

August 31, 2017 - 

As water began to recede in some parts of flood-ravaged Houston and as Harvey, now a tropical depression, shifted its wrath to the Beaumont-Port Arthur area of Texas, there were reports early Thursday that a chemical plant at risk of exploding had done just that. There were two explosions at the Arkema plant in Crosby, about 30 miles northeast of downtown Houston, around 2 a.m., the French chemicals company that owns the plant said in a statement. Click here to learn more

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These Celebrities have already helped raise over $8 million for Houston Flood Victims

August 31, 2017 - Houston may not be known as an entertainment capital. But it has, in one way or another, launched or advanced the careers of some of America's biggest stars. And now, as floodwaters continue to devastate the city, many of these celebs are responding with substantial aid pledges. Houston's most famous native daughter is Beyoncé. In an exclusive statement to the Houston Chronicle, the pop star said she was working with her BeyGood charity team, as well as her local pastor in the city, to figure out the best way to provide relief to residents. She did not disclose how much she planned to donate. Click here to read more.

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Who really won black precincts

August 31, 2017 - The Tampa Bay Times reported last night that former Mayor Rick Baker won Midtown precincts by about 340 votes, which gave some the impression that Baker won the city’s black vote in yesterday’s contest (judging by phone calls asking for clarification to my post reporting a dead heat tie between the two Ricks). It is a fact that Baker came out ahead in the 5-square mile area called Midtown. However, Midtown precincts account for only 38% of votes from the city’s majority-black precincts in yesterday’s election. Childs Park precincts delivered another 23%, while areas south of Midtown and Childs Park account for nearly 40%. Visit  for more information. 


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The Weekly View Mayor Buckhorn has only 579 days left as mayor!

With less than two years to go --579 days, according to the countdown clock that Buckhorn keeps in his City Hall office -- the mayor is reaching out via a survey to ask residents what they want him to focus on before he is term-limited out of office on April 1, 2019. Click here for more information.

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The century gap: Low economic mobility for black men, 150 years after the Civil War

August 30, 2017 - The legacy of American racism is dominating the headlines again. One of the arguments used against the removal or relocation of Confederate symbols is that “it is simply part of our history”. This is not the case. The results of the enslavement, disenfranchisement and exclusion of black Americans remain visible and vivid in 21st century America. Click here for more information

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America’s prisoners of war: Changing U.S. norms on torture

August 30, 2017 - “Men who take up arms against one another in public war do not cease on this account to be moral beings, responsible to one another and to God.” Click here to read article.

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Kaepernick’s Fraternity Brothers show up in droves at protest in front of the NFL headquarters

August 25, 2017 -

The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi showed up in large numbers to support their brother Colin Kaepernick at the United We Stand Rally in front of the NFL headquarters today. Kaepernick, a 2010 initiate of the fraternity, came under heavy criticism for kneeling during the national anthem last year and remains unsigned by any team. New York members of Kappa Alpha Psi along with members from all across the nation showed up to support Kaepernick for the protest. Brothers who could not make it in person also did a lot to make their voices heard across the internet. Click here to learn more.

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20 Powerful Quotes From the Legendary Dick Gregory

August 25, 2017 -

"I waited at the counter of a white restaurant for eleven years. When they finally integrated, they didn’t have what I wanted."

Click here to read more

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Minnesotans Are Petitioning To Replace Their State Capitol’s Columbus Statue With One of Prince

August 25, 2017 - 

The debate over memorials and statues has become a hot topic in the US over the last two weeks. With the taking down of Confederate memorials, Americans are starting to reevaluate the importance and meaning of other public memorials in their cities, opening up the debate about what cities should do with statues of Cristopher Columbus. A group of citizens led by community organizer Wintana Melekin may have found the answer for a Columbus statue located on the grounds of the Minnesota State Capitol building in St. Paul — replace it with a statue of Prince. Click here to learn more

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USF Recognized as #1 in Florida and #6 in Nation for Black Student Success

August 22, 2017 - 

New report analyzes nearly 700 institutions nationally, highlights USF's achievements

TAMPA, Fla. (March 1, 2017) -- The University of South Florida (USF) has been recognized as a top-performing university — number one in the state of Florida and sixth in the nation — for eliminating the completion gap between black and white students, according to a report released today by The Education Trust, “A Look at Black Student Success: Identifying Top – and Bottom – Performing Institutions.” Click here to read more.

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Sunday Conversation: Computer Mentors founder and executive Ralph Smith

August 18, 2017 - The first computer language Ralph Smith ever learned was Fortran. He didn't like it. Undeterred, the budding programmer next studied COBOL and his life changed. "I fell in love with programming," he said. At that time, in the late 1980s, African-Americans were underrepresented in the tech industry. Click here to learn more.

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With $1.5 million, Habitat Pinellas hopes to make a difference in south St. Pete

August 18, 2017

This year, the nonprofit is investing $1.5 million in south St. Petersburg, making this investment, according to the organization, “the largest home construction boost the area has seen in over ten years.” That kind of support is much needed in a community plagued with poverty and all that comes with it. Jordan Park, which is just west of the intersection of 22nd Street and Ninth Avenue South, is a public housing project built between 1939 and 1942. It languished but was rebuilt in 2002 — but currently it is infested with abandoned properties, which themselves are reportedly infested with vermin. Click here to learn more. Visit for more information. 

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Tampa Bay, Orlando, Jacksonville rank in top five U.S. metros for job growth

August 18, 2017 - Led by Tampa Bay and Orlando, Central Florida's major metro areas dominated the ranks of job growth in the past year by larger cities in the United States, according to data released Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Among cities with at least 1 million population, Tampa Bay's over-the-year employment in June rose 3.6 percent, while smaller Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metro area registered a 4 percent gain — the biggest percentage bump among the country's 50 largest metros, BLS said. Click here to read more.

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How the GOP Can Prove It Isn’t a Party for White Supremacists

August 18, 2017 - 

On Saturday, white supremacists marched on Charlottesville to defend the honor of men who fought for their right to keep dark-skinned people as chattel. That same day, in the same city, socialists, anarchists, and Nazi-hating normies marched to defend the fundamental dignity of all human beings. One member of the first group sped his car through the latter one, killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring 19 others. Click here to learn more.


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Race, Criminality and the Persistent Myth of Black on Black Crime

August 18, 2017 - In America, more frequently than any other race of people, white people kill white people. In fact, Caucasians have a lengthy history of victimizing and killing one another in their communities and, in 2014, of the 3021 murders of Caucasians nationwide, Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics report 2488 of the offenders were white. As is customarily the case, white-on-white crime — murder, in particular—dominates federal statistics every year. Click here for more information.

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