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Lee Thompson Young Suffered From Bipolar Disorder Before Suicide, Coroner's Report Reveals (REPORT)

October 9, 2013 - Lee Thompson Young, the star of such beloved shows as "The Famous Jett Jackson" and "Rizzoli & Isles," suffered from bipolar disorder and depression prior to his suicide two months ago, reveals a recently released coroner's report.  Read more at

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The Cartoon That Captures Everything That's Wrong With The Government Shutdown

October 9, 2013 - As the government shutdown reaches its ninth day, Americans have been left with news of one meeting after another as it seems the budget deadlock will never end.

Although last week's reports of no end in sight were dismal, this week a bipartisan meeting between House Speaker John Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may shine a glimmer of hope towards a resolution.  Read more at

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Florida Senate Panel Approves 'Stand Your Ground' Revisions

October 10, 2013 - If you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet, it's Florida finally taking baby steps to amend its controversial 'Stand Your Ground' law.

Tuesday a Senate panel voted 7 to 2 approving revisions to the state's self-defense law, which removed the duty to retreat from the "Castle Doctrine," granting residents the right to use deadly force in their home.  Read more at

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State Obamacare Markets Attract Tens Of Thousands Of Customers

October 10, 2013 - Tens of thousands of uninsured people have begun to sign up for health coverage through online Obamacare private insurance marketplaces in California and New York, officials said on Tuesday, while problems still plagued the federal online system.

California and New York are two of the biggest markets for signing up millions of uninsured Americans under President Barack Obama's healthcare law. State officials said the data they provided on Tuesday was an early indicator of strong demand for new insurance plans that will take effect in 2014.  Read more at

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Charity To Pay Military Death Benefits

October 9, 2013 - The Obama administration, scrambling to tamp down a controversy over suspended death benefits for the families of fallen troops, announced Wednesday that a charity would pick up the costs of the payments during the government shutdown.

“The Fisher House Foundation will provide the families of the fallen with the benefits they so richly deserve,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a statement, adding that the Pentagon would reimburse the foundation after the shutdown ended.  Read more at

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Ben Carson joins Fox News team

October 10, 2013 - Dr. Ben Carson, the celebrated neurosurgeon, has become something of a conservative star in the past year.

He became a beloved figure on the right after he assailed President Barack Obama‘s health care reform legislation just a few feet away from the Commander-in-Chief at a National Prayer Breakfast.  Read more at

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Tampa police officer fired, arrested for welfare fraud

October 10, 2013 - Tampa police fired and arrested another of their own on Thursday. This time, the charges involve a longtime police sergeant accused of using a convict’s food stamp card.

Police arrested - and Chief Jane Castor fired - Sgt. La Joyce Houston, a 16-year veteran of the force. Houston, 47, is charged with two counts of welfare fraud and one count of grand theft. She was released from the Hillsborough County Orient Road Jail after posting bail set at $6,000, records show.  Read more at

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Florida Head Start grateful to philanthropists

October 9, 2013 - The Florida Head Start Association and families who use the programs are very grateful for the $10 million donation made to the National Head Start Association by John and Laura Arnold, enabling Head Start locations to reopen.

Florida’s Head Start programs were hit hard by the government shutdown. Within the first few days, over 370 children were affected when their Head Start location closed.  Read more at

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Trayvon Martin Day Canceled At Pittsburgh High School After Parents Complain

October 8, 2013 - Carrick High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania planned to have a Trayvon Martin Day during homecoming week but canceled after parents voiced concern, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

“I am a little worried about that with the different people, how they’re going to react,” said parent Jennifer Kagle.  Read more at

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Republicans Hint They May Be Willing To Compromise For Default Crisis

October 8, 2013 - After weeks of gridlock, House Republicans floated broad hints Tuesday they might be willing to pass short-term legislation re-opening the government and averting a default in exchange for immediate talks with the Obama administration on reducing deficits and changing the three-year-old health care law.  Read more at

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Fox News Anchor Apologizes For Fake Obama Story

October 8, 2013 - Fox News erroneously claimed that President Barack Obama “has offered to pay out of his own pocket for the Museum of Muslim Culture,” a story that was reported during a feature about a memorial being closed due to the government shutdown. Now Anna Kooiman (pictured), the “Fox & Friends” host who “reported” on the fake story, has publicly apologized.  Read more at

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50 Cent On 'Dream School': 'This Show Is More About Providing Opportunity'

October 8, 2013 - 50 Cent said he's excited to be part of the new Sundance series "Dream School" because the reality show focuses on uplifting people.

"Dream School," which debuted Monday (10 p.m. EDT), follows a group of high school dropouts who are trying to graduate. 50 Cent appears in the series with filmmaker Oliver Stone and actor David Arquette.  Read more at

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He Quit His Wall Street Job To Teach Basketball To Low-Income Kids

October 8, 2013 - Every day, Marquis Taylor works with low-income, disengaged high school students who are on the verge of dropping out. One 18-year-old had grown up in a family of nine kids and a single mom in Brockton, Mass. He was frequently in trouble and failing most of his classes. But by the time he had gone through Taylor's mentorship program, the boy had raised his GPA almost two full points and started running after-school programs to teach younger kids basketball. He's on track to graduate this May.  Read more at

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Police Fatally Shoot Man After Family Calls For Medical Assistance

October 8, 2013 - The family of a Georgia man, who was fatally shot by police on Friday, are refuting the officers' account, saying the killing was unjust.

Police say Jack Lamar Roberson, a 43-year-old father of two, allegedly advanced toward them with two items he was using as weapons. However, Roberson's family said he was in need of help and wasn't threatening in any way.  Read more at

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Police Investigating After 11-Year-Old Girl Possibly Abducted In Detroit

October 8, 2013 - Police in Detroit are investigating a possible abduction after a girl was reportedly kidnapped from the city's west side Tuesday morning.

According to a police statement, they have a witness' unconfirmed report that the girl, approximately 11 years old, was walking on Plainview Avenue between 7 and 8 a.m. when a grey Pontiac Grand Am pulled up next to her. The driver, described as a white male in his 30s, got out, grabbed the child and put her in the car before driving away. According to the police, the witness had seen the man in the area before the alleged kidnapping.  Read more at

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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs donates $250,000 to organization that teaches entrepreneurship to low-income youth

October 8, 2013 - Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs may have come from humble Harlem roots, but that did not stand in the way of his growing an estimated personal fortune of $580 million, according to Forbes magazine. Now giving back to inner city youths with similar entrepreneurial dreams, the media mogul has donated $250,000 to an organization that helps low income children learn the brass tacks of business.  Read more at

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John Lewis, Charlie Rangel and other lawmakers arrested during immigration protest

October 8, 2013 - Eight Democratic lawmakers were arrested Tuesday while advocating for comprehensive immigration reform in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Democratic Reps. John Lewis of Georgia, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Charlie Rangel of New York, Raul Grijalva of Arizona, Joe Crowley of New York, Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Al Green of Texas were all detained by Capitol Police. The politicians, along with activists who attended an immigration rally on the National Mall Tuesday afternoon, staged a sit-in near the west side of the Capitol.  Read more at

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Lauryn Hill allowed to tour before sentence ends

October 8, 2013 - A U.S. judge is allowing Lauryn Hill to go on tour before completing her sentence on a tax conviction.

Attorney Nathan Hochman says Hill has been permitted to work during the last six weeks of this year before finishing the balance of her three-month home detention.  Read more at

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National defense symposium in Tampa postponed due to shutdown

October 9, 2013 - A major national conference that would have brought more 4,000 visitors to Tampa next week, filling hotel rooms and restaurants and bringing together intelligence agency and military leaders and defense industry behemoths, is the latest victim of the government shutdown.

The GEOINT 2013 Symposium, billed as “the preeminent event of the year for the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities,” has been scrubbed, according to its organizers at the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, who say the inability of key personnel to travel because of the shutdown is to blame. The conference will be held in spring 2014.  Read more at

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Pinellas nixes plan to alter physical education requirements

October 8, 2013 - Increased control over student testing, oversight of charter schools and school funding top the Greater Florida Consortium of School Boards’ list of legislative priorities for next year, but Pinellas County School Board members today made sure the lobbying group won’t be pushing for a measure they fear could make physical education teachers obsolete.  Read more at

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