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Black faces to expect on TV this fall and winter (SLIDESHOW)

September 13, 2013 - As the fall television season kicks off, theGrio created a slideshow of the black stars you will see on the small screen this coming fall and winter.

Some stars are returning to well-established roles, while others are starring in pilots for brand new shows.  Read more at

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How a homeless housing scandal happens

September 13, 2013 - So a prominent political fundraiser in Tampa turns out also to be a landlord with a lucrative relationship with a public agency that's supposed to help the homeless.

That's help the homeless, not help someone take advantage of the homeless.  How is it we let a slumlord scandal like Hoe Brown's happen?  Read more at

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Video Released in New Orleans Cop Slaying of Unarmed Black Man

September 14, 2013 - Fox 8 is reporting that New Orleans law enforcement authorities have released a video that captured the shooting of an unarmed black man by police as they entered his home last year during a botched drug raid.

Former New Orleans police officer Joshua Colclough was sentenced to four years in prison last month in the shooting death of Wendell Allen in March 2012, which ignited racial tensions and calls for justice.  Read more at

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Police officer charged in fatal shooting of unarmed man who had just survived car accident

September 15, 2013 - A North Carolina police officer was charged with voluntary manslaughter on Saturday after police say he fatally shot an unarmed man who had apparently just survived a car crash in Charlotte and was looking for help.

The victim, Jonathan Ferrell, a 24-year-old former Florida A&M University football player, was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene early Saturday morning.  Read more at

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What the 1963 Church Bombing Taught Us

September 15, 2013 - In 1988, not long after civil rights lawyer, and Southern Poverty Law Center co-founder, Morris Dees won a case against the Ku Klux Klan that bankrupted one of the hate group's major arms, Dees took the podium at a national NAACP gathering. He talked about 19-year-old Michael Donald's 1981 death at the hands of two Klansmen, the related suit and why Donald should be remembered as one of the nation's civil rights martyrs. Afterward, a teenager in the audience approached Dees.  Read more at

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Pinellas gets around state ban on Obamacare workers in health departments

September 12, 2013 - After a state ban on helping people get subsidized insurance at their local health department prompted an uproar from St. Petersburg to Washington, some quick thinking on Thursday appears to pave a path forward — at least in Pinellas County.

Florida's health departments are run from Tallahassee, where Republican leaders from the start have opposed the federal Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Monday, state health officials declared that they would not allow insurance outreach workers onto their property anywhere in the state.  Read more at

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Steve Bracknell, Lake Mary Police Chief, Walks Back George Zimmerman Comments: Report

September 13, 2013 - Lake Mary, Fla., police chief Steve Bracknell has distanced himself from comments he made in a response to an email from a town resident who was upset that George Zimmerman has not been charged with any crimes following an altercation Monday with his estranged wife and her father.

In a Sept. 10 response to Lake Mary resident Santiago Rodriguez's strongly-worded emails, which called Zimmerman "a ticking time bomb... [and] a Sandy Hook [or] Aurora waiting to happen," Bracknell initially replied "I agree." On Thursday, WTSP reported that the chief walked back his comments about Zimmerman.  Read more at

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Obama Interview To Air On ABC's 'This Week' With George Stephanopoulos

September 12, 2013 - ABC's 'This Week' will air an interview with President Obama on Sunday, the network announced Thursday.

The interview, with George Stephanopoulos, is the president's first since his pivotal Syria speech.  Read more at

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California Minimum Wage Increase To $10 An Hour Passes Both Houses, Gov. Brown Expected To Sign

September 12, 2013 - Gov. Jerry Brown and the leaders of the California state Legislature announced strong support Wednesday for a bill that would raise the state's minimum wage to $10 an hour.

“The minimum wage has not kept pace with rising costs,” Brown said in a statement. “This legislation is overdue and will help families that are struggling in this harsh economy.”  Read more at

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Stop Mass Incarceration Network Holds Rally For Bronx Man Assaulted By Police

September 12, 2013 - The Stop Mass Incarceration Network (pictured above) rallied outside the Bronx Criminal Courthouse Wednesday morning, protesting Jeffeth James‘ (pictured) vicious encounter with the NYPD last year.

On March 12, 2012, James was driving through Soundview neighborhood, when officers reportedly stopped him for allegedly having a damaged tail light.  Read more at

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Pharrell talks about battle over ‘Blurred Lines’

September 13, 2013 - Even though Pharrell is engaged in a battle with Marvin Gaye’s estate over Robin Thicke’s megahit “Blurred Lines,” he wants to make one thing clear — he has incredible respect for the late soul legend.

“I’m a huge fan of Marvin Gaye. He is a genius. He is the patriarch,” Pharrell said Thursday night.  Read more at

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8 years after storm, $872M in Katrina money unspent in Mississippi

September 12, 2013 - Eight years after Hurricane Katrina slammed the Gulf Coast, Mississippi still hasn’t spent almost $1 billion in federal money dedicated to recovery from the storm.

The remaining $872 million is part of $5.5 billion Congress gave the state to rebound from Katrina, which struck in August 2005, killed 238 people in Mississippi and caused tens of billions of dollars in damage, most heavily in coastal counties.  Read more at

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Kerry: Syria peace prospects ride on weapons talks

September 13, 2013 - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday the prospects for resuming the Syrian peace process are riding on the outcome of U.S.-Russian talks aimed at securing Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal that lurched into a second day.

As American and Russian chemical weapons experts huddled in a Geneva hotel to haggle over technical details that will be critical to reach a deal, Kerry and Lavrov met a short distance away at the U.N.’s European headquarters with U.N.-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi to examine political developments and plot a new international conference in Geneva to support the creation of a Syrian transitional government.  Read more at

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Local woman hits national television

Swiyyah Nadirah Muhammad, author of “Don’t Call Me Crazy-I’m in Love,” will make her national television debut on Real Talk with Kisha Jordan Mon., Sept. 16 at 10:30 p. m.

If the author’s name sounds familiar it’s because she’s been featured on Bay News 9 in their “Everyday Hero” segment and in the Weekly Challenger speaking about overcoming mental illness.  Read more at

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MLK Day of Service awards info sessions

The community came out in force to serve in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day instead of just taking a day off on Jan. 21 of this year.  With funding from the Florida Legislature, St. Petersburg College collaborated with an advisory committee of local citizens to encourage people of all ages to step up and serve in our community.
The results were inspiring. Last year’s inaugural MLK Day of Service was a huge success! Approximately 55 organizations received $100,000 in award funds and 202 business/ community partnerships were formed.  The number of volunteers completing the projects was 1,671.  Read more at

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Most St. Petersburg City Council members support Rick Kriseman in mayor's race

September 11, 2013 - As the clock ticks toward the Nov. 5 election, mayoral hopeful Rick Kriseman landed the support of another City Council member on Wednesday.

The announcement that Jeff Danner is backing Kriseman now pits five of the eight council members against Mayor Bill Foster. Danner revealed the news on a day Foster and Kriseman spoke at three candidate forums.  Read more at

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Allen West Calls Obama Speech On Syria 'Utterly Disgusting,' Cites Benghazi Attack

September 11, 2013 - Former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) slammed President Barack Obama Tuesday after his speech on the situation in Syria.

"I find his words utterly disgusting because tomorrow we will remember four Americans who were abandoned by President Obama to die in Libya," West wrote in a Facebook post, referencing the four Americans who died on Sept. 11, 2012 in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.  Read more at

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Probe Into George Zimmerman Altercation With Shellie Zimmerman In Limbo With Smashed iPad

September 12, 2013 - The iPad George Zimmerman's estranged wife says he smashed is in bad shape, making it difficult for law enforcement analysts to obtain video that may have captured a domestic dispute between the former couple at a Florida home.

As a result, police in Lake Mary, Fla., say their investigation of the Monday altercation between George and Shellie Zimmerman is on hold because there is no clear evidence to charge anyone and neither side wants to press the case.  Read more at

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Black Congresswoman: Obama May Get Support For Syria Out Of Loyalty

September 11, 2013 - Even before Secretary of State John Kerry inserted an expensive shoe in to his mouth and Russia stepped in to the fray to provide a diplomatic approach to stopping U.S. military action in Syria, the chance that President Barack Obama would be granted congressional approval to authorize U.S. military action against the small nation in crisis did not look promising.  Read more at

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The Game Helps Bury 6-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead In Front Of House

December 11, 2013 - In an overwhelming display of compassion, “The Game” has given $10,000 to the family of a 6-year-old girl who was shot dead in front of her home in Merano Valley, Calif., over the weekend, TMZ reports.

Tiana Ricks was killed when two men approached she and her father as they stood in their driveway and opened fire, hitting both of them.  Read more at

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