Winky Wright's long career rewarded with place in the Hall of Fame


June 18, 2018 - For a five-year stretch during the early days of Ronald "Winky" Wright's 22-year boxing career he found himself as a virtual nomad. He and career-long trainer Dan Birmingham left behind the club circuit in the Tampa, Florida, region and embarked on a globetrotting tour as Wright searched for bigger opportunities and bigger purses. Luxemburg. France. Germany. Monaco. Argentina. England. South Africa. Wright, who turned pro in 1990, fought in each of those countries. In one stretch he fought 20 of 24 fights away from the United States. His passport was filled with stamps and he had a career in which he was winning but seemingly spinning his wheels, especially after getting a junior middleweight world title shot against Julio Cesar Vasquez in France in 1994 and suffering his first career loss by unanimous decision. Click here to read full article. 

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